01 AIR

Through strategic alliances with foreign and Brazilian storage and transportation companies, ALLTHEWAY offers uncountable benefits to the clients, by optimizing time and providing security for all services.


Flexibility when choosing ship owners, routes, transit time, first class ships and competitive freight is the rule for this mode. We strive to find the best solutions to your import or export operations.

• Low cost operation system
• LCL, FCL shipping
• Special cargo
• Door-to-door service
• Bonded Warehouse


ALLTHEWAY offers flexibility in ground freight through great partners, ensuring quality, secure and environment-friendly service, operating in the country’s main border areas.


In partnership with the best insurance companies in the area, we offer a comprehensive coverage for your cargo, along with the best fees in the market, including: freight cost, taxes and expenditures.


Back-to-back operations allow multiple combinations, such as acquiring a product in country “A”, then sending it to country “B” via order from a Brazilian buyer; or exporting a product from Brazil, adding other components abroad and then exporting it to a third country. Another option entails the purchase and sale in the same country: products are purchased from a supplier in a country and then sold to a company in the same country. For the latter, the country’s legislation must be observed.


In door-to-door services, ALLTHEWAY offers the logistic coordination of the entire operation, by analyzing the best route x time ratio (and logistics) and by managing multi-modal transport for your imports or exports, as well as storage and final delivery in a single contract for all stages of international freight forwarding.